Polarization is Tearing Us Apart

Better Angels is Bringing Us Together

Our Mission

Better Angels is a citizens’ organization uniting red and blue Americans in a working alliance to depolarize America

  • We try to understand the other side’s point of view, even if we don’t agree with it
  • We engage those we disagree with, looking for common ground and ways to work together
  • We support principles that bring us together rather than divide us

Watch our first-ever “Better Angels State of the Union” Address, broadcast live to our members and friends in living rooms across the country, on January 31.

Finding Common Ground

A Video Feature

ABC Nightline takes a look at how an ardent Trump supporter and a Muslim immigrant became friends and found common ground

Why I Joined

Stories From Our Members

Doris Ross Jones, Herndon, VA

Steve Saltwick, Austin, TX

Daniel Brubaker, Leesville, VA

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