Conestoga Students Host Non-partisan Political Program

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Max Bennett, Tredyffrin Patch

BERWYN, PA – The Conestoga Young Democrats and Young Republicans sponsored a non-partisan “Better Angels” Workshop the evening of Oct. 17 at Conestoga High School to reduce political polarization in the United States. The invitation-only event had a panel of 10 “blue” or liberal participants discussing current issues with 10 “red” or conservative participants.

It was led by two trained non-partisan moderators and observed by 25 Conestoga students. The program’s goal was to model good political discussion and listening techniques for students to use in the classroom and in their own personal lives.

Better Angels is a nationally recognized, non-partisan organization that seeks to reduce political polarization in the United States by encouraging liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans to communicate through a structured, moderated program. Better Angels has been featured on 60 Minutes, ABC News, and in many other national publications.

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