Appealing to Our Better Angels

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Philanthropy Daily //

David Blankenhorn has set up a “new bipartisan network of leaders and organizations committed to reducing polarization” that he’s calling Better Angels. Run through the Institute for American Values-which has eschewed partisan labels since 1988-Better Angels has a few things going for it.

by Travis LaCouter

The anti-polarization movement in American politics is by now a well-established lobby. Since at least 2010, when centrist Republicans and Democrats created the group No Labels, there’s been a specific space, however cramped, for self-professed post-partisans to express their dissatisfaction with the ugly state of affairs. For its part, No Labels has struggled to actually accomplish much. As a 2013 article from the Boston Globe reports, “No Labels has been unable to advance, in any meaningful way, a single item from its relatively modest list of goals,” which include balancing the federal budget by 2030 and securing Social Security and Medicare for another 75 years.

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