“Better Angels” Offers An Alternative At a Time of “Deep Political Division”

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To the Editor:

I’m sure that most people would agree that our recent civil and political discourse in America has degraded to the point where some folks are actually advocating for violence. The too-often unasked question is: What to do about it?

Not long after the 2016 presidential election, ten Trump supporters and ten Clinton supporters came together, red and blue, to form a unique bipartisan citizen’s movement dedicated to no lesser goal than the depolarization of America. They chose to name the group “Better Angels” after the hope that Abraham Lincoln expressed in the last line of his first inaugural address, regarding the “better angels of our nature.”

Today, Better Angels has more than 3,100 members in all 50 states. Marcia Willsie and I were member delegates to our first national convention in Harrisonburg, Virginia, in early June. At that convention, 147 red and blue delegates participated in the drafting of two founding documents – “An American Declaration” and the “Better Angels Principles and Program,” which lay out our approach. These can be seen on our website, www.better-angels.org/features/articles.

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