Better Angels session helps bridge political divide

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Laura Wright Anderson, Clinton Herald

CLINTON — Just as warmer weather brought hints of spring to the Clinton region this past weekend, so was there a dramatic thawing of the often icy relationships between Republicans and Democrats thanks to a series of workshops with the Better Angels organization.

Seven Clinton-area residents who self-identify as Republicans, or conservative-leaning, met with seven people who identify as Democrats, or liberal-leaning, to engage in respectful and civil conversations. They gathered at The Canticle, home of the Sisters of St. Francis, and were led by trained facilitators from the national, non-partisan Better Angels group. The participants gained a better understanding of the experiences and beliefs of those on the other side of the political divide and found areas of commonality in addition to differences.

Better Angels has a mission to “reduce political polarization in the United States by bringing liberals and conservatives together to understand each other beyond stereotypes.”

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