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Better Angels California

Tackling the Unique Challenges and Opportunities of the Golden State

The Opportunity

California is the largest and among the most diverse states; it’s also among the most polarized

Diversity of thought

While outsiders see California as merely a blue state, it is actually highly politically diverse. While areas like L.A. and San Francisco are indeed very progressive, the Golden State has been a cradle of modern conservatism since Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. 

Urban/rural mix

While much of the population is concentrated on the coast, there are vast swaths of rural areas that are heavily conservative.

Size and economy

California alone is one of the largest economies in the world, and its scale presents a great opportunity for effective initiatives.

The Response

Better Angels has created an office in California, led by Director Randy Lioz, dedicated to meeting these unique challenges and opportunities

Diversity programs

We’re partnering with the national Better Angels office to develop programs within California that can help our membership to better reflect the country we seek to serve, in both ideology and demographics.

Urban/rural development

We’re using technology and partnerships with library networks to improve rural access to Better Angels programs. We’re also partnering with leaders in underserved urban communities to help them gain access to the policy conversation.

Success metrics

We’re working with the national office to develop innovative ways to measure the success of Better Angels’ programming, through research and tech solutions.

Media Project: Tell Your Story

We’ve heard from many folks across California, especially from Reds, that they can’t talk about their beliefs out of fear of being ostracized, both socially and professionally. 

We seek to document these stories for a media project that can help us illustrate the issue. 

Goal: $30,000

Donate Now

This campaign seeks to raise $30,000. The money will do two things:

  • Provide a funding bridge while Better Angels works with foundations to secure grants to fully fund the work of the office                                                      
  • Kick off programs in Southern California to address these needs, which can be rolled out to the rest of the state, and the country at large, once they’re fully developed
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Better Angels also draws funding from foundations across the political spectrum. Our 990 Forms – the annual IRS-required “Returns of Organizations Exempt from Income Tax” – filed as Institute for American Values, are the most detailed reports of our yearly expenditures and sources of income.  These reports are publicly available online at