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Walking the Line

Can we be honest with each other about our feelings while protecting one another from the hurt that this honesty might engender?

A Better Angels Benefit – New Friends

I joined Better Angels to help depolarize America – to help America. I am finding that in the process I am expanding my circle of friends – some red, some blue – and that is a real “Better Angles” benefit – that benefits me as much as benefits America.

The Hunted Reds of October

This past October I got the chance to attend Politicon, the recently annual conflagration of political junkies and pundits in California.


This week shows signs on exhaustion—perhaps even a hint of desperation—on the jousting field of polarization.

The Elections

As the election results came in and the pundits chimed in, the partisan rancor felt, to me, less rather than more offensive.

The Rhetoric of Political Violence Exploded

A core level of trust in the decency, sincerity and virtue our fellow citizens, no matter how deeply we dislike and disagree with them, is one of the foundational necessities of a free, democratic society.


With the Kavanaugh scream-fest behind us, it’s back to everyday blood-letting. And without a tacitly-agreed theme, the polarizers have to stretch.

All About Brett Kavanaugh

As the legislative branch has slowly ceded more and more power to the judicial branch, the highest court in the land has increasingly become a political battleground.

America’s Anger Paradox

Elissa Slotkin, a candidate for Congress, assumed voters would be most interested in her position on the issues. What she discovered was that they are even more interested in finding a way to return to civility in politics.


A term popping up in the pundit chatter that is conspicuous in its refreshing banality: “Likeability.”

It’s About Power

Polarization cuts across party lines because polarization is not about ideology, it’s about power.

Narrowing the Focus

Instead of taking the broad view and looking at blue and red headlines across many sources, I thought it would be fun to narrow the focus.

How to Respond Effectively

Instead of comparing examples of polarization, we’ll look at an article by New York Times opinion writer Margaret Renki that addresses one of the trickier problems of polarization.

Civility vs. Incivility

Civility is the language of resolving disagreement in a free society, much as the process of law is the language of seeking justice in a fair society.