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Dispatch: To Decrease Polarization More People Need to “Come Out”

Political polarization has seemingly reached a boiling point.  The last few years have given us a congressman shot at a pickup softball game, politicians and figures in the media receiving explosive devices in the mail, college students punched for their political views, death threats galore, and harassment of public people in public places.  What can …

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Dispatch- Employing BA Methods in the University Classroom

By Joaquin Munoz I have been a Better Angels moderator since the fall of 2017, when I trained under Bill Doherty to learn how I could help depolarize America. As a teacher, I was deeply drawn to developing skills of facilitating challenging conversations with people. As I completed the training, and began to facilitate Skills …

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About the Better Angels Social Media Pledge

The social media landscape may be the Wild West of political conversation. But if we have some basic ground rules, and make an effort to bring our best selves to the discussion, it’s possible to raise the level of our discourse, and maybe provide an example that can start to move the needle—just a little bit—in the larger online conversation.

A Better Angels Benefit – New Friends

I joined Better Angels to help depolarize America – to help America. I am finding that in the process I am expanding my circle of friends – some red, some blue – and that is a real “Better Angles” benefit – that benefits me as much as benefits America.

Better Angels Holiday Tips

The Holidays are stressful enough with busyness, gift buying, and too much family togetherness. But now many families are divided into red and blue political camps. Get these tips for avoiding melt downs during the Holidays.

Skills for Communicating Across the Political Divide

Better Angels co-founder Bill Doherty, in a talk to students and faculty at the University of Minnesota in Rochester, teaches and demonstrates how to talk with people who differ from you politically and how to depolarize conversations so that they can be more productive and less damaging to relationships.

Better Angels Skills for Thanksgiving Conversations

How to Stop a Thanksgiving Dinner Debacle Group conversations are like water: they run downhill—at the speed of the most argumentative or agitated family member. Here are ways to head them off. 1. Propose a no-politics ground rule up front “I’d like to propose that we not talk politics during our Thanksgiving dinner. Is that …

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