Better Angels help communities ease political tensions

A recent CBS News poll found the number of Democrats and Republicans with negative views of the other party is growing. Better Angels is trying to bridge the gap. People with differing opinions from the same community talk face-to-face to ease tensions. https://youtu.be/5mLDgtUuK34

How We Are Divided

American politics has grown increasingly polarized over the past 20 years, degenerating after the 2016 election and in the Trump Presidency into all-out partisan warfare. Observing from the sidelines, a significant portion of the voting public has begun to sense a real danger in this fracturing of partisan politics, and are searching for solutions. With …

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Why is it that US polarization is actually a worldwide phenomenon?

A great deal of prime-time TV shows dominating popular culture today are, in fact, international television formats. Competitive shows like The Four, Got Talent, Idol, American Ninja, Master Chef (the list goes on and on), are either imported to or exported from the US. Each show’s rules, visuals, pacing and even sets are being reproduced …

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Better Angels

Finding Our Better Angels

Daily News-Record (Harrisonburg, VA), – 6/20/18 A year ago, I was a stovepiped blue looking for reds, any reds, to attend a Better Angels Red/Blue workshop designed to bring conservatives and liberals together to listen to and learn about each other. Now, I was giving two reds a lift to the Better Angels Founding Convention …

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Why Come to the Table?

Immediately after the 2016 presidential election, in the thick doldrums of what for me and many of my friends was a genuine tragedy, I started to talk about empathy. I had been finding it tough to come to terms with the beliefs of some of the people I cared about in my life, but I was at least having conversations with them.


There were plenty of examples of how polarization fools us into believing we’re well informed, whereas in reality we’re simply being manipulated.