Make Nationhood a Thing Again: A Dispatch from Conservative World

While I was covering the National Conservatism conference in Washington D.C., a high-profile gathering of detached conservative intellectuals discussing lofty visions of the world, the American news cycle was parading around two very concrete controversies with relevance to the conference’s themes. Nike’s withdrawal of a new product designed around the old Betsy Ross Flag—ostensibly responding …

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Better Angels 2019 Platform

Better Angels was born in response to the crisis of polarization—a growing crisis that hampers government, destroys trust, degrades public discussion, fosters isolation, and harms personal relationships.

For Women, and for Choice

That both parties continue to ask these questions—of where personhood begins and where autonomy ends—without pausing to adequately respond to the other side, is why the abortion debate has come to a standstill in the United States.

For Women, and for Life

It is important to distinguish between pushing an agenda for greater women’s rights, and pushing an agenda for a woman’s right that affects the life of another being.

Patriotism and Diversity, Shallow and Deep

What we need is a deeper patriotism and a deeper diversity, each of which values citizens as individuals with their own combinations of values and beliefs, instead of pigeonholing them or criticizing them for failure to live up to our preconceptions.

Two Kinds of Half-Depolarization

Depolarization, as we at Better Angels see it, is not so much about reducing partisanship or increasing moderation, as it is about re-building social ties and relationships across partisan divides, and reducing individuals’ sense of disgust for people of opposing political opinions.

How We Are Divided and Why We Are Polarized

American politics has grown increasingly polarized over the past 20 years, degenerating after the 2016 election and in the Trump Presidency into all-out partisan warfare. Observing from the sidelines, a significant portion of the voting public has begun to sense a real danger in this fracturing of partisan politics, and are searching for solutions.

Better Angels Holiday Tips

The Holidays are stressful enough with busyness, gift buying, and too much family togetherness. But now many families are divided into red and blue political camps. Get these tips for avoiding melt downs during the Holidays.

The Media’s Biggest Bias

What’s the news media’s biggest bias? If you’re a Trump supporter, you might say it’s assuming collusion with Russia behind every presidential move. For a non-Trump conservative, maybe you see the media giving a free pass to every failing of the Clinton and Obama administrations. Moderate liberals might blame the media for giving so much …

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Better Angels in the Media

Atlantic Magazine: The Bipartisan Group That’s Not Afraid of Partisanship ABC News: Better Angels group puts Democrats and Republicans, Trump supporters and immigrants, in the same room to listen to each other The Federalist: Red And Blue Americans Listen To Each Other With Better Angels, And It’s Wonderful (Podcast) USA Today: One group tries to …

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Organizing with Better Angels

Better Angels Organizers are red and blue organizers who, working together, begin the process of depolarizing our communities and, gradually, our nation, by offering community-based Red/Blue Workshops. Organizers are the key leaders who actually bring the two sides together. Each Red/Blue Workshop requires at least one red organizer and one blue organizer. There are two …

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Announcing Better Angels Media

We know there’s a lot of political analysis and conversation out there online. In fact, sometimes it feels impossible to avoid. But the vast majority of our media eco-system has become polarized and predictable. Rather than engaging the issues in good faith, looking at the facts, and examining both sides of an argument to arrive …

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Our Mission

America has a polarization crisis. We aim to be the solution. Political polarization is crippling America, threatening our democracy, and making our government dysfunctional. It’s tearing apart families, turning neighbors against each other, and eroding trust in and out of the workplace. Better Angels is a 100% volunteer-led movement uniting red and blue Americans in …

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