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A Deeper Look at Immigration & the BA State of the Union

John and Ciaran dive back into the government shutdown and immigration debate, imagining a new way forward. J and C also announce the Better Angels State of the Union event, two days after President Trump’s SOTU and the Democratic response, in Washington D.C.

Better Angels workshop

The Bipartisan Group That’s Not Afraid of Partisanship

David A. Graham in Atlantic Magazine

One Saturday morning this past fall, a handful of progressive voters were seated in a neat circle, pondering why more people don’t agree with their preferred policy solutions for the country.

But there were a few things different about this particular klatch that were unusual—chief among them the concentric circle of conservatives sitting just behind the Democrats, listening intently.

An American Declaration

In June of 2018, in Harrisonburg, Virginia, 150 delegates, half red and half blue, came together to say that the era of polarization must come to an end. They issued a new American declaration, one that declares that the era of polarization must come to an end. That “We the People” not only must heal our nation, we can. They also adopted a set of principles and a program for ending polarization.