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Slowly Bridging Our Partisan Divide

RealClearPolitics // It’s a rainy, muggy day in Leesburg, Va. Although the town is 30 or so miles from the interminable partisan wrangling in Washington, D.C., it’s infected with some of the same bitter polarization—as is so much of the country.

David Brooks: “Better Angels is aiming to build a group of people whose personal bonds with their fellow citizens redefine how they engage in the political system.”

New York Times // This has been an emotional week. We greet tragedies like the school shooting in Florida with shock, sadness, mourning and grief that turns into indignation and rage. The anger inevitably gets directed at the N.R.A., those who support gun rights, and the politicians who refuse to do anything while children die.

Taking to the Road for One America

On Being// Something unusual happened two weeks ago in Waynesville, Ohio, at the conclusion of our most recent Better Angels weekend-long gathering. by David Blankenhorn The 15 area residents who had participated — seven conservative-leaning and pro-Trump and eight liberal-leaning and anti-Trump — said in a joint public statement: “We found that we are less …

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