News coverage of Better Angels

Harry C. Boyte: “We the People” – meeting polarization and other challenges

St. Paul Pioneer Press // A week before last month’s presidential debates, when politicians’ rhetoric threatened deepening polarization, a movement to depolarize America called “Better Angels” held its second annual convention. Equal numbers of Republican and Democratic delegates participated, 130 from each side and from every state, June 20 to 23 in St. Louis.

Gordon: We need to restore civility in politics

BlueRidgeNow // Herdersonville — It is often easier to see the opportunity we want than to see the opportunity we have, particularly when it is couched in the warlike fever of vitriolic language and the extremism of political polarization. Yet hidden in this mass of anger and vitriol is exactly where our opportunity, and our power, are to be found.

The Laura Flanders Show- Listening To Our Better Angels

The Laura Flanders Show // Red, blue, rich, poor, country, city, left or right. Chances are you probably fall into one of those categories. And you may be quite happy where you are. The people of Better Angels believe there’s still value in talking, and they’ve come up with a way of doing it that actually seems to bring people together.

How Americans Can Find What They Have in Common

Greater Good Magazine // Focusing on shared identities is a valuable way for people in diverse societies to bridge their differences without shedding or suppressing what makes them different in the first place. Doing so allows us to come together with people who we previously imagined we had nothing in common with—which research suggests can open the door to greater empathy and cooperation.

Better Angels change my view of the other side

The Post Star // Glen Falls — In our society today, it has become very difficult for people on both sides of the aisle to talk about their beliefs. We are afraid to voice our political opinions, because it could create a rift with family or friends. This has gotten way out of control.

Better Angels Host Red and Blue Workshop

KAMR // AMARILLO — Better Angels, a national citizens organization, hosted a Red/Blue Workshop in hopes of reducing political polarization in Amarillo and in the nation. On Saturday, June 29, Better Angels brought conservatives and liberals together so they could better understand each other beyond the stereotypes.

Political divide has hit home for many

The Post-Star // Over the past couple weeks, Better Angels held two information programs and one skills workshop at the library. More than 50 turned out for the three meetings. Each person at the meeting was asked why they were there. More than one talked about how the political divide had impacted family relationships.

Putting civility back into civil discourse

The Rotarian Magazine // “Applying The Four-Way Test to the idea of having a civil conversation is really appropriate,” Nelson Holmberg explains. “Being able to be part of both Rotary and Better Angels is incredibly valuable.”

Better Angels Debates

Catalyst // Truth springs from argument amongst friends. —David Hume, 18th C. Scottish empiricist and philosopher

Mission to Bring Back Civility to Politics

ABC 6 News // The political divide is prominent and it can be argued that it’s the deepest it has ever been. Labels such as conservatives, moderates, independents, tea partiers, and socialists are seen as more than party affiliations, it becomes part of your identity as a person or citizen of the United States.

Better Angels session helps bridge political divide

Clinton Herald // Just as warmer weather brought hints of spring to the Clinton region this past weekend, so was there a dramatic thawing of the often icy relationships between Republicans and Democrats thanks to a series of workshops with the Better Angels organization.

Together, we can tackle anything

Victoria Advocate // We urge everyone to practice civility now more than ever. We also challenge you to befriend others who don’t necessarily believe in what you do. You don’t know what relationships you’re missing out on if you immediately label others around you.