News coverage of Better Angels

How Can We Bridge the Partisan Divide?

PrincetonInfo // What do you say, what do you do, a week from today if you wake up in the morning and discover that Trump still controls the Senate and the House of Representatives?

Productive conversations

My Faith Radio // Dr. David Stevens discusses physician-assisted death, the cost of healthcare, and crowdfunding. Then, John Wood, Jr. and Rob Robertson talk about Better Angels and their work to create productive and humane conversations.

Bridging the political divide

Greenfield Recorder // Although officially described as a workshop, a gathering of “blues” and “reds” on Saturday was also something of a retreat.

Dissolving our differences

My Faith Radio // It seems that even a name holds enough division to set our pulses racing. A new movement is trying to bring people back together.

Politics too divisive? Meeting looks for Carroll’s ‘Better Angels’

Carroll County Times // Midterms looming and politics leaving you frustrated? Do you find your crazy liberal uncle impenetrable, or your conservative niece baffling? Have you found yourself hissing in incomprehensible rage at your neighbor’s campaign signs? Or maybe, you think people being that at-odds is itself just maddening?

‘Better Angels’ hold workshop

Daily Democrat // Can seven progressives and six conservatives get together for a day of talking about their political beliefs without anger and explosiveness?

Slowly Bridging Our Partisan Divide

RealClearPolitics // It’s a rainy, muggy day in Leesburg, Va. Although the town is 30 or so miles from the interminable partisan wrangling in Washington, D.C., it’s infected with some of the same bitter polarization—as is so much of the country.

In Pursuit of Our Political ‘Better Angels’

Yorktown NY New // Sadly, since the 2016 election, and increasingly as well in the years leading up to 2016, politicians and some media have pushed the political arguments to the margins where it is impossible to find middle ground and any hope for agreement between the political divide.

Not Just Talking About Bridging the Divide

The Vineyard Gazette // The day after the Fourth of July, Hawk Newsome, leader of the Black Lives Matter movement in Greater New York, addressed a crowd gathered at Union Chapel for a symposium entitled Keeping Democracy Alive: Understanding What Divides Us and What Binds Us.

Finding our better angels in divided times

Mennonite World Review // Who hasn’t known relationships torn apart over divisive politics? Churches, families and businesses all know the tension that can accompany political discussions, especially in recent years.

Finding Our Better Angels

Daily News-Record // A year ago, I was a stovepiped blue looking for reds, any reds, to attend a Better Angels Red/Blue workshop designed to bring conservatives and liberals together to listen to and learn about each other.