David Blankenhorn | C-SPAN

Better Angels president and co-founder David Blankenhorn appeared on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal for a lengthy discussion about the organization and how to restore civility to politics.

Depolarization and Race

Race remains the a volatile point of division in American life. Can we cross the racial divide in politics to heal America?

Campfire and a Song by Steve Seskin

June 22nd, St. Louis, MO, Better Angels Convention Concert Night: A song about coming together from down very different roads, from the great American singer-songwriter Mr. Steve Seskin.

In Conversation: Black Lives Matter and the Tea Party

Hawk Newsome, President of Black Lives Matter New York, sits down with Ray Warrick, leader of the Cincinnati Tea Party, to discuss the origins of their movements, their personal stories, the differences between them and the areas their values converge in this singularly American conversation at the Better Angels Convention. June 22nd, Washington University, St. …

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Countering Political Division with Better Angels

SPNN Forum // Guest Host Kel Heyl explores Push-Back Storytelling; talking with Professor Bill Doherty, whose organization Better Angels seeks to counter the excessive polarization in our political life.

Fame and Polarization with Ken Bone

Average Joe turned political celebrity Ken Bone joins John and Ciaran to talk about his wild ride to fame following his celebrated appearance at the second 2016 Trump vs. Clinton presidential debate, and to share his insights into the problem of political polarization and how we can overcome it.

Conservatism of Connection: John Wood, Jr. at CPAC

Immediately following President Trump, Better Angels media director and former Republican nominee for congress John Wood, Jr. took the stage from Pepperdine university to discuss the state of the conservative movement in California, and need to restore civil bonds with people on the left.

A Better Angels State of the Union

On January 31st, Better Angels shared a vision of what our politics could be if we were to seek the best in each other, harkening to our common creed. Here’s what it felt like…

On Immigration, Polarization and Special Interests with Kim Iversen

John and Ciaran are joined by sharp and lively Kim Iversen, former syndicated talk radio show host and co-founder of The Left media network, to talk about immigration, the causes of polarization, special interest influence on politics, Kim’s issues with the Democratic Party as well Donald Trump, and more.

Protests, Pile-Ons and Toxic Masculinity

Ciaran O’Connor and John Wood, Jr., with fellow Better Angels leaders Greg Steinbrecher and Randy Lioz, discuss bias and pile on culture in the wake of the protests involving Covington Catholic High School students and participants in an Indigenous People’s Rally, and the Gillette commercial targeting “toxic masculinity.”

Better Angels Debates

A Better Angels Debate is a highly structured conversation in which a group of people think together, listen carefully to one another, and allow themselves to be touched and perhaps changed by each other’s ideas.

Better Angels Convention

Charles Gupton Productions, 7/3/2018 This film captures the sentiments of the delegates of Better Angels, an organization focused on bringing together Americans from both sides of the political debate, as they left to take the Better Angels philosophy back into their own communities. Better Angels held its first convention in Harrisonburg, VA, in June 2018.

Finding Common Ground in Ohio

Better Angels set out to southwestern Ohio to bring local Democrats and Republicans together for a weekend of discussion in the wake of the 2016 Election. This is their story.