World Premiere of the Better Angels Documentary

May 17, 2019

On the evening of Friday, May 17, people will gather across the country with their families, friends and neighbors to watch the Grand Premiere of Better Angels: Reuniting America, broadcast from where it all began just outside of Lebanon, Ohio.

The live showing will begin at 8:30 pm ET. Following the hour-long documentary, there will be a Q&A with film director and four-time Emmy award-winner Jim Brown, film producer and musician Peter Yarrow, Better Angels President David Blankenhorn, and red and blue Ohio documentary stars Greg Smith and Kouhyar Mostashfi (pictured above).

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Better Angels: Reuniting America shows 8 Democratic-leaning voters and 7 Republican-leaning voters moving through a Better Angels signature Red/Blue workshop, from initial skepticism to more profound understanding and empathy. You’ll get an inside look at how a Democratic voter went from threatening to cut off relationships with Trump voters to becoming dear friends with one—and how a Republican voter moved from disdaining progressives to taking co-leadership with one in a movement that now spans the country. It’s a great way to introduce your family, friends, and neighbors to Better Angels and our shared mission of depolarization.

We’re encouraging members to premiere the documentary on May 17 with documentary screening parties in private homes or public screenings at local libraries, places of worship, community centers, schools, universities, etc.

The live stream will be available on our homepage at and our Facebook page at For those who can’t watch it live, a recording will be available on our homepage for viewing in its entirety immediately after the live event has concluded, up until May 18, 3:00 am ET.

After that, the documentary will be available upon request for group viewing events at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I display the live-stream on my television?
Instructions to display live-stream on your television can be found here.

What if my screen freezes?
If your screen freezes, hit the refresh button. The refresh button is the circle with the arrow in the upper left-hand corner of the web page.

Is there any cost to host or to attend a Premiere?

Do I have to be a member of Better Angels to host an event?
No, but we encourage you to Join and support our work.

Do the people attending my event need to be half blue and half red?

No, it would be great if you invited at least a few people who are on the other side of the political divide, but that’s not a requirement.

How do I create an invitation for my party?
See the sample Eventbrite invitation at, and then read the instructions on how to create an Eventbrite here.

Is there a guide on how to host a screening party?
Yes! Please see the guide for the host of the screening party here.

Can I watch the documentary at the Ohio event?
Yes! Anyone is welcome to join in person in Ohio for the Grand Premiere. You’ll get to meet everyone in person, watch the documentary, enjoy a concert with Peter Yarrow and Richard Lynch, and enjoy food and drinks. Get your tickets here or at the door.