Faith, Love and Trump (with Evan Chase)

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Evangelical conservative community organizer Evan Chase comes by to talk faith and politics, race, community service, his support for Trump and the power of love to change society.

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The Damage of Bashing the Other Side

This week offers a wonderful textbook case for one of the favorite technique of polarization: Instead of arguing the pros or cons of a controversial issue with the goal of working toward resolution, cynically use—indeed, supercharge— that issue to bash the other side.

Patriotism and Diversity, Shallow and Deep

What we need is a deeper patriotism and a deeper diversity, each of which values citizens as individuals with their own combinations of values and beliefs, instead of pigeonholing them or criticizing them for failure to live up to our preconceptions.

The Stewardship of Creation

In addition to being a vegetable farmer, I’m a chef and cooking teacher. …I’ve spent the last twenty years thinking about issues of animal welfare and the ethics of eating meat.

1 thought on “Faith, Love and Trump (with Evan Chase)”

  1. Carol O'Neill

    Hello, I became aware of Better Angels through a friend who had become a moderator, joined, and attended a Skills Workshop. I truly respect and admire the work that you are doing. I had difficulty listening to this podcast with Evan Chase. I feel that excuses are constantly being made for Trump. His words/insults/disrespect/bullying for everyone and anyone who do not agree with him, whether blue or red, citizen or not, male or female, whoever, have made him the polarizer-in-chief, the divider-in-chief, liar-in-chief, the whole reason organizations like yours have become necessary. Yes, partisanship, lying, corruption, sadly, are nothing new to politics. But those things have all been hugely magnified under his administration. A long-time family therapist has told me that neither she nor her colleagues have ever witnessed the degree of relationship issues brought about by this president. This says a lot. It’s not the differences in issues/policies that, although there are many, concern me the most. It’s character. Your organization, rightly so, often quotes Martin Luther King, Jr., and the importance of love. However, he of course also said (paraphrasing), “Judge not by the color of the skin, but by the content of the character”. Character is what is missing with this president; he should not be excused, but be held accountable. Thank you.

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