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A member of Better Angels is part of a national community – we are Republicans, Democrats, and Independents of all political persuasions.

We form local alliances and hold local workshops and debates. We discuss our differences with civility and look for common ground. We encourage each other and we organize others do the same. We are a grassroots family fixing our broken politics from the bottom up.

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Better Angels facilitates events in all 50 states. Get to know your fellow Americans better through workshops, debates, and campus engagement.

Participants learn to understand each other beyond stereotypes, form community alliances, and reduce the vitriol that poisons our civic culture.

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Organizers are the beating heart of Better Angels. They organize Red-Blue workshops, Better Angels Debates and they lead Better Angels Alliances.



Moderators lead our Red-Blue workshops and our skills trainings.  They have received extensive training necessary to facilitate productive discussions.

Debate Chair

Debate chairs lead our Better Angels debates.  Like moderators, they receive training to ensure that the debates are successful.


Want to Help in Other Ways?

ONLINE 1:1 Conversations SET Up Leaders Needed

Better Angels needs leaders and members for three teams to actualize 1:1 online conversations between Reds and Blues, Whites and People of Color, and Rural and Metro area dwellers. We need help forging partnerships with organizations you might belong to that contain large numbers of rural folks, people of color, or reds. We need help setting up online forms, and matching people who apply into pairs. We especially need help from reds, people who live in rural areas, people of color, and people who can create forms into which folks can input information. When you fill out the volunteer form, under “How can you help?” please let us know if you fall into any of those four categories. Please do NOT volunteer at this point if you merely wish to take part in one of these 1:1 conversations. 


We seek one red (R) and one blue (B) coordinator for each state plus DC. Although every state currently has a coordinator, some do not live in it and are already busy coordinating their own state, reducing their effectiveness. Other states do have one in-state coordinator, but two working together is far better.

State Coordinators connect together their state’s moderators, debate chairs and organizers, provide resources, and are the main conduit between state leaders and national Better Angels. They cheerlead, organize, and motivate. This crucial volunteer position takes at least 5-10 hours a week. Unless Better Angels is not active in their state, they should have some familiarity with Better Angels. If your state doesn’t currently need a coordinator of your “color,” let us know if you are willing to provide your coordinator with state-level assistance.

Current openings for in-state coordinators: AK-R&B (Alaska needs Red and Blue Coordinators); AL-B; AR-B; AZ-R; DE-R; FL-R; GA-B; HI-R&B; IA-B; ID-R; IL-R; IN-R; KS-B; KY-R&B; LA-R; MA-R; MD-R; ME-R; MS-R&B; MT-R&B; ND-R&B; NE-R; NH-R&B; NM-B; OH-R; OK-R&B; OR-R; RI-R; SC-R; SD-R&B; TN-R; TX (Houston)-RorB; UT-R; VA-RorB; VT-R; WA-R; WV-R&B; WY-R.


Be a right-hand man or woman to the coordinator(s) in your state. They could really use your help. 


Better Angels needs an Internal Content Volunteer who assists the Social Media Team in collecting and framing content unique to Better Angels. This work includes promotion of upcoming opportunities, and interviewing members in order to share their stories. The content will be shared on Better Angels’ various social platforms. A journalism background is a plus but not needed. This position will take at least two hours a week. Please  click here  to email the social team with your interest.  

SOCIAL MEDIA Evaluation volunteer NEEDED

Better Angels needs an Evaluation Volunteer who assists the Social Media Team in evaluating the efficacy of social media posts and their adherence to internal standards. The volunteer will also document posts from social media in an easily accessible format, to be used for evaluation and recordkeeping. This position should take 1-2 hours a week. Familiarity with social media data metrics and analysis are helpful for this role. Please  click here  to email the social team with your interest.  

Ambassadors needed

Make public presentations about Better Angels to groups, especially ones you belong to, including military, religious, political and civic organizations. Prepared speeches and PowerPoints are available.

Greeters Needed

Better Angels needs friendly greeters to welcome new members to Better Angels: tell them what’s happening in their area, and answer basic questions.