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Better Angels brings together liberals and conservatives to depolarize America. 

Join Better Angels to get out of your political bubble, discover common ground with those on the other side, and help “form a more perfect Union.”

What is a Member?

Do something for your country and for yourself

A member of Better Angels is part of a national community – we are Republicans, Democrats, and Independents of all political persuasions. 

We form local alliances and hold local workshops and debates. We discuss our differences with civility and look for common ground. We encourage each other and we organize others do the same. We are a grassroots family fixing our broken politics from the bottom up.

Other Benefits of Membership

  • Free training to become a Better Angels organizer or citizen moderator
  • Invites to monthly members-only calls
    Previous guests include David Brooks (national columnist), Richard Gephardt (former Speaker, U.S. House of Representatives), Jonathan Haidt (author of “The Righteous Mind”), R.R. Reno (editor of First Things) and Andrew Walker (Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Southern Baptist Convention)
  • Attend local Better Angels Alliance meetings or form your own
  • Subscription to Better Angels monthly electronic magazine (starting in 2019)

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Organizers are the beating heart of Better Angels. They organize Red-Blue workshops, Better Angels Debates and they lead Better Angels Alliances.



Moderators lead our Red-Blue workshops and our skills trainings.  They have received extensive training necessary to facilitate productive discussions.

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Debate Chair

Debate chairs lead our Better Angels debates.  Like moderators, they receive training to ensure that the debates are successful.


Want to Help in Other Ways?

Part-time Technology Guru Needed

Better Angels needs someone to help us improve our technology infrastructure. Experience with Microsoft Office 365 and cloud services as well as Google’s GSuite needed.

Web Developer Help Needed

Better Angels needs a web developer to assist in the ongoing improvement of our website.  Familiarity with WordPress, page builders like Elementor or Beaver Builder, HTML and CSS would be very helpful.

Greeters Needed

Better Angels needs greeters to welcome new members to Better Angels. Find out why they joined, and how they can best contribute to our efforts.

Marketing Help Needed

Better Angels needs someone with experience using marketing automation tools like Hubspot, Infusionsoft or Active Campaign.

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