Identity and Democracy: John Wood, Jr. with Christian Picciolini, Mark Gerzon and Merhdad Baghai

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John Wood, Jr. discusses the challenges of racial identity in Democratic society In front of an international audience of philanthropists and social entrepreneurs.

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The Damage of Bashing the Other Side

This week offers a wonderful textbook case for one of the favorite technique of polarization: Instead of arguing the pros or cons of a controversial issue with the goal of working toward resolution, cynically use—indeed, supercharge— that issue to bash the other side.

Patriotism and Diversity, Shallow and Deep

What we need is a deeper patriotism and a deeper diversity, each of which values citizens as individuals with their own combinations of values and beliefs, instead of pigeonholing them or criticizing them for failure to live up to our preconceptions.

The Stewardship of Creation

In addition to being a vegetable farmer, I’m a chef and cooking teacher. …I’ve spent the last twenty years thinking about issues of animal welfare and the ethics of eating meat.

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