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Become a better angel
January 16, 2018

Hunter Baker
Associate Professor of Political Science, Union University

David Blankenhorn
President, Better Angels

Raina Sacks Blankenhorn
The José Limón Dance Foundation

Mark Boyd
Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia

Francis Fukuyama
Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University

Jonathan Haidt
NYU Stern School of Business and Author of "The Righteous Mind"

Sheila Kloefkorn
President & CEO, KEO Marketing

April Lawson
Editorial Assistant for David Brooks and Ross Douthat, The New York Times

JoAnn Luehring
Roberts and Holland, LLP

Kouhyar Mostashfi
Senior Software Engineer, CSRA

David Myers
Professor of Psychology, Hope College

Katherine Novikov
Executive Board Member & Former CEO, Diamond Mind
Co-Founder, DMBS Holdings

Jonathan Rauch
Senior Fellow in Governance Studies, Brookings Institution

Dean Schooler
Schooler Family Foundation

Greg Smith
Better Angels Southwest Ohio Alliance Co-Chair

Thomas K. Sylvester


David Blankenhorn
Founder and President

William J. Doherty
Senior Fellow

Ciaran O'Connor
Chief Marketing Officer

Donna Murphy
Lead Organizer

John Wood, Jr.
Director of Media Development

Hillary Luehring-Jones
Director of Administration

Charity Navarrete


Citizen Professional Center, University of Minnesota

Civil Politics

Dakota County Library

Hennepin County Library

Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke University

Listen First Project

Minnesota Campus Compact

On Being / Civil Conversations Project

Ramsey County Library

The Village Square


Better Angels leaders are volunteer public ambassadors for our mission, advisors to our board and staff, participants and leaders as time and interest permit in our program, and eligible delegates to our annual leadership gathering. Affiliations listed for identification purposes only.

Better Angels State Coordinators

Lead Organizer
Donna Murphy,, 703-437-1325

Cindy Kyser,, 501-628-2526

Denice Davis,, 619-922-3563

Sheila Kloefkorn,

Cindy Kyser,, 501-628-2526

Northern: Paul Norris,, 415-221-7043
Southern: Randy Lioz,, 516-655-0698

Denice Davis,, 619-922-3563

Rob Robertson,, 857-636-0545

Randy Freeman,, 973-449-3948

District of Columbia
Blake Phillips,, 858-922-8537
Michael Lehmann,, 614-832-6453

Paul Witte,, 321-243-0161

Deborah Davis,, 706-596-1708

Denice Davis,, 619-922-3563

Denice Davis,, 619-922-3563

Chuck Stone,, 312-833-0016

Don Byrd,, 812-361-6892

Denice Davis,, 619-922-3563

Larry Stuart,, 785-338-2072

Denice Davis,, 619-922-3563

Itara Sumeros,, 504-408-5708

Rob Robertson,, 857-636-0545

Tom Smerling,, 301-495-4951

David S. Ball,, 843-670-0561
Eva Montibello,, 617-669-7181

Del Pera,, 415-886-7246

Laura Russ,
For local MN activities, click here

Cindy Kyser,, 501-628-2526

Denice Davis,, 619-922-3563

Denice Davis,, 619-922-3563

Denice Davis,, 619-922-3563

Denice Davis,, 619-922-3563

New Hampshire
Rob Robertson,, 857-636-0545

New Jersey
Randy Freeman,, 973-449-3948

New Mexico
Denice Davis,, 619-922-3563

New York
Riley Hart,, 781-799-2945

North Carolina
Duane Beck,, 919-741-4587

North Dakota
Denice Davis,, 619-922-3563

Kouhyar Mostashfi,, 937-478-9606
Greg Smith,, 937-694-9735

Laura Law,, 918-269-4271
Dan Watson,, 918-260-9214

Nancy Matela,, 503-267-1401

Kerr Thompson,, 717-33-48029

Rhode Island
Rob Robertson,, 857-636-0545

South Carolina
Paula Appling,, 864-508-0295

South Dakota
Denice Davis,, 619-922-3563

Lynn Heady,, 615-293-2643

North, Panhandle, and West (includes Dallas, El Paso and Amarillo)
George Bouhasin,, 972-540-6084

Central and South (includes Austin and San Antonio)
Steve Saltwick,, 512-736-3009

Upper Gulf Coast and East (includes Houston and Beaumont)
David Throop,, 281-460-8415

Denice Davis,, 619-922-3563

Rob Robertson,, 857-636-0545

Mel Pine,, 571-329-6530

Ned Witting,, 253-948-7180

West Virginia
Mel Pine,, 571-329-6530

Joaquin Munoz,, 520-906-2444

Denice Davis,, 619-922-3563

Business, Finance, and Philanthropy Leaders

Peter McCrea
President, Cavendish Impact Foundation

Richard Smucker
Executive Chairman of the Board, The JM Smucker Company

Herman Sperling
CEO of HJS Markets LLC

Civic Leaders

Enola Aird
Founder and Director, Mothers for a Human Future

Peter Beaupre, Greg Christiana, and Michael Spiegelman
Democracy Unite

Charles (Chic) Dambach
Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow, Johns Hopkins University

Pearce Godwin
Listen First Project

Lanae Erickson Hatalsky
Vice President for the Social Policy & Politics Program, Third Way

Randy Hicks
President and CEO, Georgia Center for Opportunity

Liz Joyner
President, The Village Square

Elizabeth Metraux
Director of Communication and Development, Primary Care Progress

Hawk Newsome
Black Lives Matter

Steven Olikara
Millennial Action Project

Parisa Parsa
CEO, Essential Partners

Jenni Prisk
Chairwoman, San Diego County Commission on the Status of Women & Girls

Steven G. Seleznow
President & CEO, Arizona Community Foundation

Leah Wolfthal
Founder, Ayeish

Felicia Wong
President and CEO, The Roosevelt Institute

Counseling & Therapy Leaders

Mark Edison
Clinical Psychologist (New York, NY)

Kathleen A. Kovner Kline
The Consortium (Philadelphia, PA)

Greg Popcak
Executive Director, Pastoral Solutions Institute; and Director of the MA in Pastoral Studies Program at Holy Cross College (Steubenville, OH)

Faith Ralston
Executive Coach (MN)

Elizabeth Doherty Thomas
The Doherty Relationship Institute (MN)

Creative Artist Leaders

Nicky Case
Game Designer and creator of The Evolution of Trust

Dana LaCroix

Richard Lynch

Michele Richardson
Actress and Filmmaker

Lanny Smith
Professional Songwriter and Peace/Environmental Advocate

Sage Snider
Fiddling Historian

Peter Yarrow
Activist and Musician, Peter, Paul, and Mary

Law Leaders

The Honorable Leah Ward Sears
Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP; retired Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice

Keith Wright
Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP; Former NYC Assemblyman

Library Leaders

Lois Langer Thompson
Hennepin County Public Library, MN

Marketing Leaders

Sheila Kloefkorn
CEO/President, KEO Marketing, Inc.

Political Leaders

J. Stuart Adams
Majority Whip, Utah State Senate

Dawn Frandsen
Chief of Staff, Office of J. Stuart Adams, Majority Whip, Utah State Senate

Jay Chaudhuri
North Carolina State Senator, Wake County

Program Evaluation Leaders

Ravi Iyer
Civil Politics

Matthew Levendusky
University of Pennsylvania

C.J. Peek
University of Minnesota

Rohit Ramaswamy
Gillings School of Global Public Health

Religious Leaders

Rev. Dr. Joanna Adams
Pastor Emerita, Morningside Presbyterian Church (Atlanta, GA)

Rt. Rev. Mark M. Beckwith
Bishop of Newark

Bishop Ronnie C. Crudup, Sr.
New Horizon Church International (Jackson, MS)

Mark DeMoss
DEMOSS Public Relations

Rev. Andrew Kline
St. Augustine of Hippo Episcopal Church (Norristown, PA)

Rev. Brandan Roberston
Missiongathering Christian Church (San Diego, CA)

Bishop Michael Sheridan
The Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs

Andrew Walker
Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convetion

Rev. Amy Ziettlow
Evangelical Luthern Church in America and Author, Homeward Bound: Modern Families, Elder Care, and Loss

Scholars / Academic Leaders

Brien Benson
George Mason University & Clarewood University

Charles Camosy
Fordham University

Stephen Clements
Asbury University

Amy Cox
Arcadia University

Alan Hawkins
Brigham Young University

William Mattox, Jr.
The James Madison Institute

Lawrence M. Mead
New York Uuniversity

Hassan I. Mneimneh
Middle East Alternatives

Matt Motyl
University of Illinois at Chicago

Noah M. Pickus
Duke Kunshan University (DKU)

Glenn Stanton
Focus on the Family

Karen Swallow Prior
Liberty University

Robin Fretwell Wilson
Illinois College of Law

Ajume Wingo
University of Colorado, Boulder

Andrew Yarrow
U.S. Historian and Author

Social Services Leaders

Bill Boomer
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland

Writers, Authors, and Journalist Leaders

Katelyn Beaty
Editor at Large, Christianity Today

Jeff Rasley
POLARIZED! The Case for Civility in the Time of Trump

Paul S. Edwards
The Deseret News

Malka Fenyvesi
The Civil Conversations Project, On Being

Patrick Langrell
The Catholic Weekly Australia

April Lawson
Editorial Assistant for David Brooks and Ross Douthat, The New York Times

Leah Libresco
Writer, Speaker, Instigator @

Greg Munford
This Week in Polarization

Paul Taylor
Political Analyst and Author

Krista Tippett
Host & Executive Producer, On Being

Michael Wear
Author, Reclaiming Hope: Lessons Learned in the Obama White House About the Future of Faith in America

Christopher White
National Correspondent, Crux

Barbara Whitehead
Author, The Divorce Culture and Why Are There No Good Men Left

Transportation Leaders

Nick Enright