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Become a better angel

Legal and Financial Information

December 27, 2017

Better Angels is legally a part of the Institute for American Values, a 501(c)3 charitable organization incorporated in Delaware in 1987 ( whose mission is to study and strengthen civil society. IAV is currently doing business as (DBA) Better Angels, which means that people and organizations can make checks out and issue payments to Better Angels if they wish and we can pay people as Better Angels. This structure was established by the IAV board in 2016 as we made the shift from IAV's other programs to solely Better Angels. Although the entire corpus of IAV work dating back to 1987 is preserved on the IAV website, the only activity IAV is engaged in now is Better Angels.

Better Angels draws funding from foundations across the political spectrum. Our 990 Forms – the annual IRS-required “Returns of Organizations Exempt from Income Tax” – filed as Institute for American Values are the most detailed reports of our yearly expenditures and sources of income and are publicly available online at IAV’s Tax ID Number (EIN) is 13-3400377. Our most recent Form 990 is also available upon request.