bridging the political divide

CBS19 NEWS // Judith Minter, the co-moderator of, discusses Better Angels.

Mission to Bring Back Civility to Politics

ABC 6 News // The political divide is prominent and it can be argued that it’s the deepest it has ever been. Labels such as conservatives, moderates, independents, tea partiers, and socialists are seen as more than party affiliations, it becomes part of your identity as a person or citizen of the United States.

This Group Got Black Lives Matter And Tea Party Leaders To Talk. Can The Rest Of Us?

The Federalist // ‘I don’t know at what point we moved from disagreeing with the argument to hating the person, and that scared me. I decided I have to do something,’ says this Better Angels delegate.

Better Angels: Bridging the Uncivil Discussion Divide

RealClearPolitics // During a time of deep political polarization, not everyone could get a representative from Black Lives Matter and the Tea Party in the same room. But an organization known as Better Angels can do it – and will – at its second bipartisan national convention later this week.

Don’t get divorced because of Trump. The tough work of settling America’s political differences

USA Today // In the Trump age, political polarization in the United States has never been higher. Groups like Better Angels are promoting civility to lower angst.

Bringing together both sides of the political spectrum

Chillecothe Gazette // The Better Angels Workshop has participants examining stereotypes: the ones they have about the other side of the political spectrum and also the ones that the other side might have about them.

Maybe Better Angels is making a difference

The Post-Star // What is clear is that we need that type of civil discourse, the type of discourse that Better Angels is trying to delivery across our communities.

Can One Group Depolarize America? Better Angels Comes To St. Louis To Try

St. Louis Public Radio // After the 2016 presidential election, David Blankenhorn, president of the national organization Better Angels, wanted to bring voters together to try to find common ground despite their political differences.

Political divide has hit home for many

The Post-Star // Over the past couple weeks, Better Angels held two information programs and one skills workshop at the library. More than 50 turned out for the three meetings. Each person at the meeting was asked why they were there. More than one talked about how the political divide had impacted family relationships.

Open focus: ‘Reds,’ ‘blues’ work on issues that divide them

Greenfield Recorder // Alternating “red,” “blue,” “red,” blue” in their seating, 16 participants at a recent Better Angels workshop spent seven hours working toward bridging their political differences.

Collective Therapies in Donald Trump’s Country

Radio Canada // Two years after the arrival of President Donald Trump at the White House, the United States is deeply divided.

MIDTERMS 2018 – Vechten tegen polarisatie

Arjen van der Horst // Amerika gaat de eindfase van de verkiezingscampagne in na een ongekend turbulente week. Democratische kopstukken waren het doelwit van bompakketjes.

“Dialogue can not be established” division of American society

NHK News Web // Under President Trump who attacks to obey people with different opinions, the division of society is deeper than ever in the United States. 

“We are here to depolarize America”: we had group therapy between Democrats and Republicans

Franceinfo // In the run-up to the mid-term elections, franceinfo attended a workshop aimed at reconciling progressives and conservatives.