bridging the political divide

CBS19 NEWS // Judith Minter, the co-moderator of, discusses Better Angels.

Mission to Bring Back Civility to Politics

ABC 6 News // The political divide is prominent and it can be argued that it’s the deepest it has ever been. Labels such as conservatives, moderates, independents, tea partiers, and socialists are seen as more than party affiliations, it becomes part of your identity as a person or citizen of the United States.

Millennials are fed up with politics (and rightly so). Here’s a way out of hopelessness…

Fox News // Over the course of their adolescence and early adult life, they’ve watched our political culture descend into tribalism, rancor, and partisan warfare.

Today’s leaders should ask themselves: What would Lincoln do?

Los Angeles Times // Amid conflict, Lincoln sought conciliation. Amid anger, he advocated “charity for all.” Amid despair, he summoned “the better angels of our nature.”

How To Improve The State Of Our Viciously Polarized Union

The Federalist // ‘We’ve reached that point where we view people on the other side of the political divide not only as misguided, but as threats.’

State of the Union 2019: We’re so divided we see others who don’t agree with us as bad — Here’s our solution

Fox News // America is built on the pursuit of a more perfect Union, but today we are yet again on the brink of a civic fissure so deep it threatens our democracy.

Minnesota professor pushes for national unity, to speak next week in Cottage Grove

Hastings Star Gazette // Much of Doherty’s advice centers on active listening. The first step to a productive conversation where participants walk away learning, he said, is for everyone involved to commit to not trying to convert others to their beliefs.

COLUMN: Better Angels is one way to bridge political divide

The Post-Star // If you are disgusted with politics and the current state of political parties, you should do something about it.

‘Better Angels’—pushing back on political polarization

Twin Cities Pioneer Press // Bill Doherty gets emotional when he recites a favorite quote from President Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address.

Better Angels Debates

Catalyst // Truth springs from argument amongst friends. —David Hume, 18th C. Scottish empiricist and philosopher

Collective Therapies in Donald Trump’s Country

Radio Canada // Two years after the arrival of President Donald Trump at the White House, the United States is deeply divided.

MIDTERMS 2018 – Vechten tegen polarisatie

Arjen van der Horst // Amerika gaat de eindfase van de verkiezingscampagne in na een ongekend turbulente week. Democratische kopstukken waren het doelwit van bompakketjes.

“Dialogue can not be established” division of American society

NHK News Web // Under President Trump who attacks to obey people with different opinions, the division of society is deeper than ever in the United States. 

“We are here to depolarize America”: we had group therapy between Democrats and Republicans

Franceinfo // In the run-up to the mid-term elections, franceinfo attended a workshop aimed at reconciling progressives and conservatives. 

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