ABC Nightline on Better Angels

Greg Smith and Kouhyar Mostashfi are perhaps two of the strangest political bedfellows imaginable. Smith, a retired police chief and construction worker from rural southwest …

CBS This Morning Visits Better Angels

A recent CBS News poll found the number of Democrats and Republicans with negative views of the other party is growing. But a group called Better Angels is trying to bridge the gap. People with differing opinions from the same community talk

Better Angels Aim to Bridge the Political Divide

A national tour with the aim of reunifying a fractured America rolled into New England on Monday. The “One America” tour arrived in downtown St. Albans, Vermont. After months of seemingly constant political conflict, the effort is trying to bridge the vast

Better Angels workshop

The Bipartisan Group That’s Not Afraid of Partisanship

David A. Graham in Atlantic Magazine

One Saturday morning this past fall, a handful of progressive voters were seated in a neat circle, pondering why more people don’t agree with their preferred policy solutions for the country.

But there were a few things different about this particular klatch that were unusual—chief among them the concentric circle of conservatives sitting just behind the Democrats, listening intently.

Better Angels tour brings civil discourse to Americans bitterly divided over politics

LEESBURG, Va. — Liberal Susana Isaacson, 70, and conservative Susan Symingron, 63, are friends who have bridged their political divide but couldn’t find anyone else …

Meet The Group Trying To Fix America’s Partisan Divide One Workshop At A Time

Sixteen people from both sides of the ideological aisle gathered Saturday for an unlikely experiment: learning how to speak civilly and trying to understand each …

Respect First, Then Gun Control by David Brooks

This has been an emotional week. We greet tragedies like the school shooting in Florida with shock, sadness, mourning and grief that turns into indignation …

Better Angels Ascribe To Notion That Civility And Politics Can Coexist

Steve Newborn, WUSF News The idea of civility in politics has become almost a quaint idea in some circles. A nonpartisan group called Better Angels is advancing …

Group works to bring civility to politics

The Walton Sun, January 10, 2019 Recently, more than a dozen local political activists from both sides of the spectrum — and some in between — gathered …

Better Angels program taking flight

Albany Times Union, November 19, 2018 A group of 14 Capital Region people who came together for a day late last month to learn strategies …

How the U.S. Can Become More Civil

The Tennessean, Nov 22, 2017 Thanksgiving does not have to be a time to dread feeling heartburn over what controversial things some guests might say. …

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