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Better Angels Debates

A collaborative search for the truth

Many minds are better than one. Our commitment to intellectual humility is based on the idea that we still have so much to learn from one another. 

Better Angels Online Debates gather people from around the country to bring their unique perspectives to bear, in an in-depth discussion centered around a contentious topic. Unlike other debate formats, though, we value expressions of nuance and uncertainty, and many participants change their positions after—and during—our debates.

Online Workshops

Learn about your political opposites, and how to have great conversations

The heart of Better Angels is our focus on building relationships and trust. Whether its within your family or friends, in your community, or across the country, familiarity fosters affection. 

Better Angels workshops guide people through conversations with those they deeply disagree with to find out how they came to their perspectives, and what they actually agree on. Expand your social circle with a Red-Blue Workshop, or get help talking to those already in your life, with a Skills Workshop, Depolarizing Within and Families & Politics. 

The Online Skills Training module is available now!

Live online workshops
are coming soon!


Other Experiences

Build Relationships Through Online Discussions


Book Discussions

Dig deep into one of the many books about polarization and the challenges facing our country. These 1-hour video calls are led by Better Angels members who are passionate about what we do.


1:1 Conversations

Talk directly with someone with a different political perspective. We offer a detailed guide so you can stay on track and learn from one another. Talk to an old friend or make a new one!

Zoom Videoconference Training

Master the tools that help us connect

Better Angels uses the powerful Zoom platform to bring together people from around the country. Let our training experts help you get the most out of it. Available to members.

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