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Reflect America

Help Better Angels' Better Represent the Country We Serve

The Issue

To effectively represent America, Better Angels must reflect the country we love.

Although our funding and our leadership is balanced, Red and Blue, this is not true of our membership at large.  We still have more Blue members who join than Red.

Also, on both sides, most of our members are graduates of 4-year colleges (and many of us hold post-graduate degrees). And most of us have incomes putting us in the upper-middle-class or higher.

In short, most of us are from “upscale America.” Which means that we’re missing out on people who represent 70 percent of the country!

The Solution

The campaign is called “Reflect America.” It’ll be led by Donna Murphy, our lead organizer, and David Lapp, our at-large organizer. Like everything we do, it’ll be powered by volunteers.

How The Funding Will Be Used

This campaign seeks to raise $60,000. The money will do two things:

  • Fund systematic outreach to conservatives, along with working-class, low-income, and minority Americans, interested in joining Better Angels; and                                                     
  • Provide financial aid for lower-income delegates applying to attend our annual convention.
Donna Murphy, Lead Organizer
David Lapp, Organizer at Large

Donate Now

Better Angels also draws funding from foundations across the political spectrum. Our 990 Forms – the annual IRS-required “Returns of Organizations Exempt from Income Tax” – filed as Institute for American Values, are the most detailed reports of our yearly expenditures and sources of income.  These reports are publicly available online at