Robert Forman and Maureen Bateman: You can help close the red/blue divide

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By Robert Forman and Maureen Bateman, The Berkshire Eagle

GREAT BARRINGTON — Is it possible to find civility in a time of strife?

This pair is looking for a few good Reds and Blues in the Berkshires.

A president slams the table and walks out saying “Bye Bye!” A candidate for office claims the opposition is barring people from voting. Cable news panel members holler at each other. Family members shout political positions at one another over the thanksgiving table.

Enough! Say two residents of the Southern Berkshires.

A Democratic Clinton voter (Forman of Great Barrington) and a Republican Trump voter (Bateman of Lakeville, CT., ) are hoping to push back against this hurricane of political vitriol. Together, we are beginning the process of hosting host real conversations across the Red/Blue divide. We are seeking half a dozen Republicans who want to have a productive conversation with liberals, and an equal number of Democrats who want to actually talk with conservatives.

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