How to Organize and Host a Better Angels
State of the Union Watch Party

Thank you for your interest in hosting a SOTU Watch Party! As an official host, you’ll join hundreds of Better Angels members across the country who are opening up their homes on the night of January 31st and welcoming friends and family to spread our message of hope, unity, and a path forward for America. The live event will commence at 8:30pm ET. David Blankenhorn’s Address will begin at 9pm ET and finish by 9:30 pm ET. Instructions to display the live-stream on your television can be found below The live-stream will be hosted on our website at It will also be hosted on our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.
Watch parties will also host discussions with their guests before and after the event. Relevant resources are below.

Please see this recording of this Zoom call for specific guidance on watch parties.

Below are tips on how to organize and host, but please feel free to tailor your plan — after all, it’s your party! 
  • Please feel free to invite as many or as few people as you want!
  • We hope you will invite at least a few people who are on the other side of the political divide from you, but that’s not a requirement.
  • Tell your guests to arrive early, so you have ample time for socializing and discussing the get to know you questions (see the resources section available below for agendas, guidance, and documents).  Invite people for 8 pm ET or even 7:30 pm.
  • Please feel free to send your invitations via email, post, social media — whatever feels right! If you like, you could also create an Eventbrite invitation to track RSVPs. Please see our flyer and Eventbrite instructions in the resources section below.
  • Please encourage all of your guests to become members of Better Angels if they aren’t already! They can do so online at Please make sure you have a computer open so people can sign up right then and there.


Better Angels 1-Pager

This brief document explains what we're about and how we do our work

Eventbrite Registration Instructions

How to Create A SOTU Address Viewing Party Registration with Eventbrite

Sample Flyer

Use this to advertise your event—edit and personalize it as you wish.

Event Agenda A

This agenda is for people who are not familiar with Better Angels

Agenda A Facilitator Guide

Detailed instructions for whoever will lead the discussion in Agenda A

Action Grid

Use this after the event to generate ideas for taking action in your local community

Event Agenda B

This agenda is for people who are already familiar with Better Angels

Agenda B Facilitator Guide

Detailed instructions for whoever will lead the discussion in Agenda B

Sign In Sheet

Sign in sheet for those who attend your viewing party

Social Media Guidance

How to target influential people on social media

SOTU Editable Flier

Download this as a Word document to edit and advertise your own viewing party

Livestream to Your TV

How to view our livestream on your television

Sample Op Ed

Use this template to write an Op Ed about the SOTU for publication

Designed SOTU Flier

Use this official flier to advertise the SOTU address

Sample Letter to the Editor

Use this template to write your own letter to the editor about the SOTU for publication