SOTU Resources

SOTU Event Resources Page

–Sample informational flier to advertise your event—edit and personalize it as you wish.

–Graphic to place on your social media to advertise the SOTU address. [Sara Rubino’s]

–Help us target social media influencers [from John Wood]

–Sample Eventbrite SOTU invitation so guests can register for your event online. Feel free to use as much of its wording as you wish for your invitation. We don’t want you to reinvent the wheel!

–Instructions on how to create a Eventbrite SOTU invitation.

–Would you like us to run a report and provide you with contact information for people on the Better Angels mailing list who live near you so you can invite them to your party? If so, contact [email protected].

Disclaimer: Think twice about providing your home address on fliers, or inviting strangers into your house. Consider holding your event in a public place if you wish to inviting strangers. At the least, have a conversation with invitees you don’t know first. Better Angels tends to attract wonderful people, but we cannot vouch for the character of those on our mailing list.

–When guests walk in the door, have them sign up.

The live-stream will start at 8:30 pm ET, and the pre-show will include interviews with reds and blues attending David B.’s speech, videos from other parties across the country, and Better Angels in the news. Blankenhorn’s speech will start at 9 pm ET, and last about twenty minutes.

It’s up to the hosts to decide what to do at their SOTU Address viewing events, but we are providing two suggested agendas.

–Agenda A is more structured, perhaps best for small living-room gatherings of folks who may not all know each other.

–Agenda B is less structured, perhaps more appropriate for larger gatherings or parties where folks have already participated in a workshop and know each other. Agenda B Facilitator Guide.

Materials for these Agendas:

–Agenda A Facilitator Guide

–Agenda B Facilitator Guide

–Action Grid

Remember to have a computer available so guests can become members of Better Angels before they leave!