Better Angels Online Debates

A Collaborative Search for the Truth

If you haven’t seen one of our debates, get ready for a new experience. Our special parliamentary format encourages everyone to speak or ask questions, insures civility in disagreement, and strives for learning and better understanding for all. The online version works in much the same way, modified to foster constructive debate coast to coast.

In all our debates we use resolutions that might be controversial to encourage speeches from both sides. Unlike some of our workshops, these are not associated with Red and Blue, but Pro and Con.

members of the Better Angels online debate team

Online Debates take place via Zoom conference call, moderated by a Trained Debate Chair. You must register in advance. Participants who are Better Angels members will be given preference if too many people sign up.

April 2, 9 pm ET 

Resolved: Government restrictions to combat COVID-19 are worse than the disease; America should reopen for business by April 30.

April 30, 8 pm ET 

Resolved: Market-based solutions are more efficient and effective than direct regulation to tackle the threat of climate change.

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